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  1. Would you take Antonio clown oops I mean Antonio Brown back and bell. I would never take Antonio back but I would take lev bell back. Bell put up 789yds and 3 touchdowns in the 2019 season as a jet, I think he would of had a way better season as a Steeler in 2019. With a reliable running back the Steelers more then likely would of made the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong now James conner is a great running back with a lot of talent conner was plagued by injury the last season. I believe conner and juju would come back better then ever to prove something. Let me know who would you take back and what your opinion is.


    Thank you steelyinzers
  3. I think the chiefs will win in a absolute shootout there will be no defenses in this game I think
  4. I agree with you he is very young and has time to prove what he’s capable of


    This day we all should share the favorite moments of the bus like his best plays or things he has done for community’s or the ways he’s inspired you

    WR core

    With Ben coming back could the offense production increase. Maybe the Steelers need new receivers juju had his worst year. But their is bright life left at the wide receiver position with diontae Johnson and James Washington. Washington the deep threat who could have a amazing connection with Ben down the field. Johnson is great and has a lot of talent he is quick and shifty and hard to tackle. This season without Ben James Washington put up 735 yards with 3 touchdowns and had 44 receptions. Johnson put up 680 yards with five touchdowns and 59 receptions. Now here is where I leave you with a conflict to talk about do the Steelers trade juju or pull him down to a 2nd string.
  7. I would be fine with trading conner. But conner and juju could come back better then ever
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